It’s lilikoi season :-)

Malia & I spent yesterday making lilikoi jelly…quite a project!  Then I got a little obsessive decorating the jars.  So many possibilities…

I just LOVE the perfectly preserved stamp set!!  And I used the Cannery Set Framelits to cut out the jars.

And, lift the lid.  A little message…

I’m bring some jelly to my club members today.  Oh, the fabric is Summer Smooches.  I love the colors- cheerful & bright.

Have a great day.  Join my club & you, too, might receive a jar of lilikoi jam!  Woohoo!

10 thoughts on “It’s lilikoi season :-)

  1. Can you bring me a jar when you come?? Probably not, cause it would be more than 6 oz. Oh, when, I’ll have some when I get there in December. Save me a jar, ok?

    Love Mom

  2. I’m with Crystal, SERIOUSLY. Those are phenomenally cute. Except I’m leaving the jammin’ and butterin’ to the two of you. Just remember me, ok? XOXO

  3. Hi, Cheryl! What on earth is lilikoi??? Never heard of it, I’ll have to google it.
    I make prickly pear jelly and we like that! I have even been drinking the juice from them, that I freeze into ice cubes….very health-beneficial.

    • Sherry…drinking cactus juice?? That must be an Arizona thing!! Lilikoi is passion fruit! It’s taking over my yard…makes the best jelly (not to mention pies, dessert bars, etc). Lilikoi chiffon pie is especially good for your health! Ok…mental health!

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