Sneak peak…

Happy Veteran’s Day!  And, a special Thank You to all of our service personnel!! You’ve sacrificed so much for the people of this great nation and we don’t pause to think about it enough.

I want to share a sneak peak of what I’ll be selling at my 2 CRAFT FAIRS THIS WEEKEND!

Saturday, November 17, I’ll be up at St. Joseph’s Church in Makawao from 7am – 2pm.  Be sure to take home some of their delicious Portuguese Bean Soup!!

Sunday, November 18 from 9am – 2pm I’m excited to participate in the 1st ever MAUI STAMPERS CRAFT FAIR!  We’ll have a big variety of items for sale (not just stampin’ stuff).  Come & bring a friend and stay around to have some cider & baked goods.
And, now, for the Sneak Peak…

These decorated DVD cases are the perfect way to stay organized!  Just keep one in your purse or glove compartment and keep all your lists and coupons inside.

Here’s what’s inside.  You’ll have a notepad on the right side and a pocket on the left to stick your coupons or receipts in.  And a pen to match.  These will be available for $14/each and no 2 are exactly alike!  They’ll make great, practical gifts.  I also have extra legal pads available (cut to fit) for purchase (4/$5).  If you’re on the mainland and would like to purchase these, please send me an email.  Free shipping if you purchase 10 or more!  Just remember, each one is a little different.

Here’s another…

Stay tuned for another sneak peak!  And, I’ll see you this weekend!

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