Pinterest Challenge

Ok.  I’ll be the first to admit…I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest.  I can (and do) spend hours browsing around there pinning things I’ll never make.  I’ve been challenged by Anne Matasci to actually MAKE SOMETHING that I’ve pinned, so here goes:

Pinterest challenge

This card was my inspiration…found on Pinterest.  4c626a636f823d5fa64b0eb858f71c11

I love this card, but I’m not sure who made it.  I tried tracking it down…I went to Diane, Claire, Linda, & finally to Tiffany Ervin who took the picture of it.  Pinterest lesson #1:  Pin from the original blog so that you can give credit to the owner!

Here’s another card I made:

Pinterest challenge 2

I’m still not thrilled with Perfect Plum.  Not giving up easily, though.  So, here’s my challenge back to Anne Matasci:

Make something from Pinterest using Perfect Plum!  Anyone else want to try it?  Just attach a copy of what you make & I’ll post it here!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge


    If this isn’t a throwdown I don’t know what is and I don’t have much time but you know it’s game on!! Perfect Plum it is! Just to make it more fun, I’ve created a “Pinterest Throwdown” board and invited you to join it. Anyone else want to play? Comment on Cheryl’s post or at and I’ll add you in.

    And both your cards are beautiful – you did a great job.

    Off to the craft room!

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