Knitting Keeps us from Unraveling

I’m missing my daughters who are both away at college.  Malia is attending UT- in Austin, TX.  She’s my knitter.  She’s quite talented, actually, and makes up her own patterns to fit her friend’s personalities.  I bought this stamp set, Hand Knit, a long time ago, but never did anything with it.  This morning I made a card for Malia and some tags she can use for her gifts.

Hand Knit

I copied this yard idea from something I saw on Pinterest.  Look here to see the cute idea from Bev Morales.

Here’s a picture of the inside…not too exciting, but I had to show you the little lamb.  I’m sure I could use him for Easter!

Hand Knit inside

And, finally, some tags for Malia:

Hand Knit Tags

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend!

And Malia, get busy!


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