This n That

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new smash book that Stampin’ Up! has come out with!  A smash book is sort of a scrapbook of anything you want.  It’s not supposed to be very organized, but it totally reflects your personality.  I had a difficult time deciding on the theme for mine, but finally decided on a fun generic one that I can put anything I want into.  I just made the cover today… here it is:

This n That Cover

Now through April 30th, Stampin’ Up! is offering a This n That Bundle where you can save 15%.  It includes the book, designer series paper, washi tape, & some other stuff.  If you get a chance, order it by this weekend to get free shipping (shipping offer April 6-8).  If you order online, be sure & enter my hostess code (424SC37F) to get a chance to win free products.

I plan to add pages whenever I’m in the mood.  I’m thinking:  my favorite things, favorite places, recipes/food, advice to myself (ha!).  I know 2 daughters who would love one.  I could start it out for them by slipping a page in there… 10 reasons why my mom’s the greatest!!

If you order one, I’ll have a FREE GIRL’S NIGHT OUT to play with ideas for our books!!


2 thoughts on “This n That

  1. What a great reminder that a Smash book doesn’t have to be organized. I loved how you decorated yours. I’m having the hardest time decorating my cover.

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