Tag a Bag to the rescue!

I’m flying out tonight and just remembered I want to bring along some gifts for my sister in laws on the mainland.  I tend to be last minute like this…

So, who wouldn’t love to receive a stack of homemade cards?  And I just happen to have about 100 cards sitting around waiting for a home.  Just needed to find some cute/quick packaging.

Tag a Bag 1

Tag a Bag to the rescue!  Stuck a stack of cards in the Gift Bags (only $3.95 for 10), closed the bag with washi tape, wrapped baker’s twine around it & made the tag.  It only took a few minutes & they’re so cute!

Tag a Bag 2

These come in the Tag a Bag Accessory Kit, along with a bunch of tags that punch out.  These are all on page 158 of the big catalog.

Tag a Bag 3Tag a Bag 4

I think they’ll love them.  Better go pack!  The plan is to see Grandma & eat lots of Mexican food!!


5 thoughts on “Tag a Bag to the rescue!

  1. Sah-weet!!! Love them!!! Your SILs will LOVE them!!!
    You will be in NM????? HOLY CRAP, wish I could meet you there! How long will you be there!?!?!

    • I know!! We’ll be right next to each other!! We’ll just have to wait a year. You need to tell me about convention…send me pics to make me jealous!! By the way…NM chile beats AZ!!!! Prickly pear jelly sounds great! We have to remember to trade that for my lilikoi jelly.

  2. Yum-OH! I will be walking off what you eat 🙂

    You and Crystal need to plan your travel better. Both gone at the same time. Boo.

    Have a great trip!

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