Wheely Fun Card Class!

Sorry…I couldn’t help myself!  I haven’t been very creative lately.  Working in my husband’s office full time tends to do that to me!  But last night I pulled out my new stamp set, Cycle Celebration, & made this cute card:

Cycle Celebration 1

Can you guess my favorite part?  Those handle bar streamers!!  I remember having those on my bike & they were SO COOL!!

Class details:

2 classes to choose from…

Sunday, Sept. 15 at 1pm


Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 2pm

We’ll make 6 cards (3 designs) for $12 (or FREE if you place $25 order that day!)

I’ll show you the other 2 cards later on.

One’s a Thank You Card & the other is a Man Card!  You’ll love them!

RSVP soon to reserve your spot!

3 thoughts on “Wheely Fun Card Class!

  1. Hey Cheryl, It’s Kathy. I love hearing about what you’re doing. Just want you to know it’s a delight to see your Mom at church. Also, to let you know I will be gone from Sept. 17th night, to October 2nd. Hope to see you and visit one of these days. Our garage is coming along now. The plywood is going on the roof today, and hopefully we’ll have inspection at the beginning of the week, then the roof can go on next week. Aloha for the time being, special lady. We’ll get together one of these days. If you’re not super busy this Saturday, Join the ladies at Amy’s. I think you’ll enjoy it. Love, Kathy One

  2. Key-ute card!!!!! I squeaked when I saw those streamers! LOL I loved the ones on my bikes all those years ago!! Great job on that design!
    Now, a ‘perfect’ card would have a card in the spokes, too! hehehe

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