Disney Treat Boxes!

My daughter, Malia, is spending a semester working at Disneyworld…something she’s dreamed of since she was in 6th grade!  10952292_10205143849930272_1806268767566476653_n (1)She’s working on the mine train, a new attraction in Fantasyland featuring the 7 Dwarfs.  I had to make something special for her and her roommates!


Isn’t this just the cutest?!!!  I’ve also made a Minnie:


They’re so simple to make using the Curvy Keepsake Box.  The ears are 1 1/4″ circles and Minnie’s bow is made from the Itty Bitty Accents Punch Pack.

IMG_7995Here’s her Valentine’s Card.  Did you know Twitterpated is in the Bambi movie?  CLICK HERE TO SEE!

Here’s the inside:


This cute stamp is a Hostess Stamp called Life’s Adventure.  To see more of Malia’s adventure, here’s her Tumblr page, The Collegiate Princess.  The Happiest Semester on Earth!




5 thoughts on “Disney Treat Boxes!

  1. Oh my goodness- those are the cutest boxes ever! My littlest one loves Mickey- I’ll have to copy that for her. Thanks for sharing and congrats to your daughter; that’s so exciting!

  2. Cheryl just love the Mickey and Minnie boxes. We are never too old or young to enjoy the mouse! Tell Malia the Four seasons general manager at Disneyworld, Mr. Steinhauer is from Maui, if she is looking to expand her horizons! Tracy shared this with me and said Malia can use her name as a reference.

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