A Hawaiian Christmas

It’s been hot and muggy on Maui for several weeks!  Hurricane weather.  Trying to come up with Christmas Card ideas, I just couldn’t get myself to stamp any snow scenes.  Here’s what I came up with:

A Hawaiian Christmas




At my August Card Class, we made a similar card and everyone really liked the technique.  Found the idea here on Stampin’ Connection.

Here’s the one from class:

Here For You

One more.Hawaiian Santa

I really, really love this card, but not for the reason you think.  The palm and the Hawaiian Santa were a gift from a dear friend, Wendy.  Wendy is the person who got me into stamping many years ago (24 years?!) when our kids were in preschool together.  I remember dropping our kids off then heading over to her house for a few hours of stamping.  We’d stamp some images in a few different colors and just ooh and aah over our creations!  I don’t even think we had any layers or embellishments, but I was HOOKED!!

Wendy passed away after a long battle with breast cancer about 2 years ago.  I helped to care for her for the last 6 months and was very blessed by her courage, her friendship, and her faith.

I’m not really sure how to end this post… so I’ll just say that one of the best things about stamping is the friends I’ve made!

Hawaiian Santa (2)

2 thoughts on “A Hawaiian Christmas

  1. I used this same santa for my Christmas cards one year, borrowed from Wendy, she was the most amazing woman, for her friendship, her courage and her imagination… miss her so much. Nice you are honoring her with this card, she is smiling!

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